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"Food, Brew, & Wine Festival"
© Janel Lee

"Food, Brew, & Wine Festival"

© Janel Lee

Tea time at my place. I found this nifty cup that has a separate compartment for tea bag  steep in. Makes it easier to remove.

The Importance of Terrible Student Films

You’re in film school and you’ve had to take all those required classes like Geography and Algebra but at last, it’s time to make your film! You have a script, a cast, and a location. Everything is going well until you hit the editing room. You look through the footage and embarrassment starts to seep in as you realize the sound is terrible, the cinematography is uninspired, and maybe you just don’t know how to direct your actors.

This was my story when I made my student film in my Sophomore year of college.

Unlike a good portion of my class, I had nearly zero filming experience beyond filming football games at my school. It was even more evident during our class screening when everyone else at least looked competent. 

With that said, I no longer feel embarrassment over my first film or rather it no longer bothers me. It was my first attempt and I tried my best. It also didn’t help I still managed to get a B on the assignment. (My professor was looking for technicality not quality.) I would argue that no one gets it 100% right the first time. For all I know,  this could have been the 10th film my peers have done in their lives. 

My advice to new film students is to not fret over your first film being bad. Take it as a learning experience. Learn about more of the technical aspects, your approach to production and directing. Maybe doing that film will make you realize that you don’t like directing and would rather edit or produce. However you approach it, remember that it’s your first. 

And really, if you’re first film is Oscar-worthy then you have reached your peak at an early age. 

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